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December – Athlete’s of the Month

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*New addition to the AOM: 3 Hunters Vodka has decided to sponsor! Each month the AOM will receive a bottle as a congrats, who will it be next month?!*

This month, we’ve decided to honor two athletes with athlete of the month… congratulations to:

Christi Szrejter !


Christi has been one of, if not the most, consistent athlete in the noon class, a mom of two twin boys, she knows how to tap into her inner superwoman and CRUSH whatever is written on the board. Split shins, blue in the face or broken tooth, this girl accepts no excuse, and is the perfect example of what it means to NFQ. She has participated in 2 paleo challenges and transformed her outlook on nutrition – how’s that for an amazing mom-model?! Lucky to have you Christi!

Favorite exercise: back squat, deadlift
Exercise nemesis: pull ups, burpees
Favorite cheat foods: pizza, wine, cheese all the good stuff
Proudest cf accomplishment: taking 20 seconds off my 2k row tester and being able to do a dead hang pull up (sometimes) 🙂  Oh and just showing up 5 x a week and getting my ass kicked but loving every minute of it!
Overall 6 month goal: Get stronger and leaner!!!!


Laura Collonia!


 Laura, this girl is a sponge! She takes in any and all coaching advice and uses it to blaze her path to success. Most of us know her as the “row-master-queenbee” but as of lately, she has been dominating the bar work as well! Her competitive minded training ethic has led to a dedication that has reaped its rewards over and over, and on top of it all, she is the sweetest, funniest, most loving individual you can meet! Congrats Laura, you are an inspiration to us all (and thank you Tyler, for encouraging her and being an amazing support in her CrossFit endeavors)

Favorite exercise: anything clean – squat clean and power clean! 
Exercise nemesis: hand stand push ups ahhh ! 
Favorite cheat foods: sushi
Proudest cf accomplishment: being able to be competitive in partner competitions as well as a 1000m row PR in 3:38! 
Overall 6 month goal:I would like to look in the mirror and see myself as the beastly athlete I am! Working hard at giving credit when it’s due and not being too critical of myself. Oh and snatch 135, C&J 150 ! 🙂
Ladies – see me for your bottle of vodka

boys- time to step up your game! ;-P



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