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Febuary – Athlete of the Month

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Our belated February Athlete of the Month goes to…Brian Watson!  Who’s Brian Watson you might ask, he’s the “grey man” (military term for someone who flies under the radar) in the corner quietly busting out a PR back squat @ 385 (so close to 400), PR Front Squat @ 330, and Power Cleaning 255.  Brian came to us from our sister gym, Rocky Top CrossFit, in Knoxville, TN and has consistently been pushing hard, sneaking up the leader board.  His bad ass training motivation, is to be in top notch shape for Elk hunting in the Colorado back country!  As a former bike mechanic, he’s also responsible for single handedly ensuring our fleet of 10 Air Dynes stay in perfect operating condition.  Congrats Bro!

Q & A with Brian:

Favorite Exercise?

Back squat… followed shortly by back squat.

Exercise Nemesis?

HSPU, pushups, pullups… really anything moving (body) weight with my stupid long arms.

Favorite cheat foods?

Sourdough french toast… add some bananas, chocolate, butter and maple syrup..

Proudest CF accomplishment?

Helping get a friend started in CrossFit and seeing a total 180 in his fitness, health, and attitude.  It’s really rewarding to know I had that influence on him. (best answer ever) .

Overall 6 month goal?

Crush through the 400# mark on the back squat, then work on developing more upper body strength to balance myself out.  Oh yeah, also get to know more people at SCCF :-).

Why do you enjoy CrossFit?

HIIT gets you the goods. The diversity of exercises/movements keeps things interesting – always finding weaknesses to work on.   Programming – having a prescribed workout and being able to shut off part of your brain and just focus on spending time in the pain cave is invaluable.  Barbells.


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