Jon Williams!


Jon is a monster. He came to us, determined- and jumped into the SCCF scene, head first. His dedication to training, eagerness to learn, responsiveness to coaching ques, and sarcastic sense of humor has helped earned his spot as this months featured athlete! In addition to his internal motivators, it’s visually obvious that his hard work is paying off – his continued weight loss and muscle gain is on point! He is the perfect example of what consistency at SCCF can result in – Thanks for all your hard work Jon, you deserve this – next step, competitions!

How were you introduced to CrossFit?

-I was introduced to CrossFit by Braydon Luckadoo. He started pestering me to join shortly after he did and about a year or so later, I finally caved. Honestly, the best decision I’ve ever made.

Favorite Exercise? 

-Rowing, Double-Unders or anything related to Shoulder Press

Exercise Nemesis: 

-Distance running, Toes to Bar and Muscle-Ups (b/c I can’t do them)

Favorite cheat foods: 

-Ice Cream, Pizza, Beer

Proudest CF accomplishment: 

-Finishing Grace in 3 minutes my first attempt

If I created a WOD and named it after myself, the workout would be:

-4 rounds: 500 meter row/25 Shoulder to Overhead (95#)/30 DU’s

Overall 6 month goal:

-Be able to do a muscle up and to start competing.

What I love most about SCCF:

-The coaches, the programing, the people, etc. So I guess everything!


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