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March – Athlete of the Month

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March Athlete of the Month goes to.… Jenny Anderson! Jenny came to the SCCF family about 8-9 months ago and I have wanted to give her AOTM accnowledgemnt for a long time. Jenny expressed a desire to step her CF game up, do some competitions and see how everything shakes out. Over these months she has done everything I have asked her to do, from custom early AM sessions to competions that put her out of her comfort zone. She has made drastic improvements in her gymnastics ability and aerobic conditioning, positioning her on the brink of some major CF breakthroughs. As a result of her unwavering determination, contagous positive attitude and dedication, this is how her game has stepped up:

  • Came to us with 1 T2B max: Just scored 125 reps on 15.1 (65 T2B)
  • Came to us with 0 Pull ups capability: Now linking chest to bar pull ups (did over 40 last night 15.2)
  • PR Clean & Jerk @ 160# in 15.1a
  • PR Front Squat @ 200#
  • PR 500m row @ 1:41
  • 1st week at SCCF she couldn’t complete Isabel (30 snatches for time) with scaled weight (85#) and just smashed it RX’d (95#) in 4+ minutes!

Congratulations Jenny, you earned this!

Q & A with Jenny:

Favorite exercise?

Cleans all day

Exercise nemesis?

T2B. I dislike them more than pull ups now. That says a lot!

Favorite cheat food?

Chips or ice cream!

Proudest CF accomplishment?

There are a few moments that come to mind?

Strict pull ups or 1st at the squad guantlet. But one of the more recent was Isabel under 5 minutes because when I did it for the first time a few months ago it didn’t go too well 🙂 That felt great!!
Overall 6 month goal: Well since I’ve started getting C2B next goal is a muscle up! And just getting stronger in the gymnastics area in general.



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