May 11

By May 10, 2017Wods


Movement prep:

3 rounds:

10 pushups
5 pull-ups
10m predator crawl

Skill practice A:  the top position

– Review of hollow position (supine)
– Review of overhead mobility
-Teach correct handstand line position with pvc pipe

3 sets:

1x Wall walk to :20 wall facing HS hold

Skill practice B: Teaching the kick up + bottom position

– Teach hand placement and technique for kicking up to the wall
– Teach tripod headstand position (bottom position HSPU)
– Review how to kip out of bottom headstand position

3 sets:

10 kicks to the wall (alternating the kicking leg each rep)
5 headstand hold (5s) [For advanced athletes: 5s headstand hold + kip to HSPU]


5 rounds:

20m burpee broad jump
5 reps HSPU (your highest level variation)
accumulate 1:00 handstand wall hold (facing wall)
accumulate 1:00 hanging from bar (passive hang- deload shoulders/work your grip)


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