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November – Athlete of the Month

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Jenny Mann


Jenny embodies many of the criteria we use to determine athlete of the month: dedication, commitment over time, positive attitude, team player and of course performance.  She has been going “hard in the paint ” with us for over a year and a half and continues to break down walls, PR and develop as an athlete.  You can always find her doing supplemental lumbar/core/mobility work, before and after the WOD. Congratulations Jenny, you have definitely earned this tittle!

Favorite Exercise:  Anything with some squat action involved – wall balls, back squat, slam balls, etc – because well, they really help the booty!  Oh, and I love the GHD machine.  A lot.

Exercise Nemesis: Snatches, all of them.  I loathe you. 
Favorite cheat foods:  I think when I eat the entire batch of paleo chocolate chip cookies they actually become a cheat food.  I’ve also never met a french fry I didn’t like….or a beer.  Oh, and Ramen Noodles (pork flavor only)….best pre-hangover cure ever, fyi. 
Proudest CF accomplishment:  The first was finally getting kipping pull-ups, then a strict pull-up and then…wait for it….strict ring dips.  Peace out bands (except if I’m super tired and need to use you again!)
Overall 6 month Goal:  Climb that freaking rope, and footwork on snatch so Vann will leave me alone!

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