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October – Athlete of the Month

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October Athlete of the Month goes to…

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Stuart Mullen

Stu not only trains hard on a consistent basis, but he constantly strives to become better. He recently PR’d his OLY lifts after taking the fundamentals OLY class with Tim and always asks questions to help expand his CrossFit Knowledge base. He also takes his strength gains and applies them to his personal pass time – endurance motocross. A dad of 2 beautiful little girls – Stu has made CrossFit a part of his everyday routine, always with a smile on his face and a positive attitude!

Congrats Stu!

Why you enjoy CrossFit:  The diversity of work at Xfit can’t be beat.  With family and work the efficiency of being able to do so much in so little time, outstanding.  It’s different every day, I don’t have to think about what I’m going to “do” because it’s programmed (so nice) and effort result in REAL results.  

Favorite Exercise:  Bicep curls, baby!  Haha.  Gotta be the one I most recently finished.  Seriously, I will say Clean for now as it was my most recent PR.   

Exercise Nemesis: Those that involve me pulling myself in an upward direction (Burpees are a close 2nd).  

Favorite cheat foods: Baked goods!

Proudest CF accomplishment: PR Clean recently after taking the Oly class.  

Overall 6 month goal:  I feel my first muscle up com’n on soon!  Gotta!



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