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Coach led, planned progression.


SCCF Fundamentals Program, instructed by Certified CrossFit Coaches, is an introduction to CrossFit and a Functional Movements Screen.

The Fundamentals Classes are intended to introduce you to the major movements used in CrossFit, screen for pre-existing injuries, mobility or flexibility restrictions, assess your current fitness level and ensure proper technique and safety.

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Group Classes

Our Group Classes at South Charlotte CrossFit are designed to be… safe, progressive, interactive, challenging and fun, all while cultivating your highest level of fitness through planned variation.

At SCCF we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive coaching facility, thusly, classes are capped at a maximum of 20 athletes and we strive to maintain a 1:8 or greater, coach to athlete ratio.

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15th Team Finish – Atlantic Region, 2017
Top 25 team finish 2015 & 2016 CrossFit Open

At South Charlotte CrossFit, we offer a number of high level competitive program designs to prepare experienced CrossFit athletes for the demands of the CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games. Our co-owner, Competition Team coach and lead programmer, Jeremy McDonnell, has over 9 years of competitive CrossFit experience and an extensive international athletic history as a competitive swimmer and coach.

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Personal Training

If you need the additional accountability, are new to exercise, or have pre-existing orthopedic/medical related issues that need extra attention, personal CrossFit training by one of our certified coaches, is a great alternative to group classes.

For advanced competitive athletes, Personalized program design can also be used supplementary to hone in on your individual goals.

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