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September – Athlete of the Month

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September Athlete of the month goes to….

Karen Houston


Got tickets to the gun show…?!

Karen… is… FABULOUS!!

As a previous D1 track & Field Athlete, Karen came to us with a post-college athlete competitive drive. She took to it like a fly to poop and has been hitting PR’s left and right! Only 6 months into her training with us and she has already become one of our best female athletes, checkering the leader-board with her impressive 155# power clean and recent 165# front squat! Her dedication to her training is unprecedented, determined to eat clean and train SUPER mean, participating religiously in our PALEO challenges, OLY classes, local competitions and constantly looking to coaches for critiques and suggestions to improve her overall self; In addition to training above and beyond for herself – she encourages all those around her to improve themselves as well, recently given the nickname “PALEO Pitbull”

Coaches note: It takes much more for a female athlete to attain the strength goals that a male athlete can achieve  in half the time, BUT IT IS POSSIBLE. Apply yourself, be STRICT with your diet, research alternative training techniques, watch videos, ask questions, supplement your WOD with other strength components – when you think you’ve training hard enough, keep training. Never settle and you will see results. 

Karen is an amazing example of this and is a true role model to all those ladies who train beside her. I mean, check out those abs & guns – you can all have those!!

Congratulations Karen, you make us proud, never stop improving!


Why you enjoy CrossFit:

 I enjoy CF because it gets me off my butt and doing something challenging and exciting while keeping me in the best shape of my life on the outside and the inside. I’m a better person in my mid-30’s than I was in my mid-20’s… I’m healthier, faster, stronger, tougher and a much more positive person in general. My boss even thanks CF on the regular b/c I’m a much more enjoyable person to be around – better attitude and better work product. I also enjoy the people, the community CF creates for the athletes. It’s my no drama safe zone – a place I can go on a daily basis and know I’m amongst friends and the best cheerleaders EVER 🙂
Favorite Exercise: 
Cleans… any way they can be done!
Exercise Nemesis:
There are so many… double unders, toes to bar and anything requiring mucho upper body strength
Favorite Cheat Foods: 
Pinkberry – Medium Original w/ mochi, brownie bites and strawberries
Proudest CF accomplishment: 
Competing in the Rock Hill Throwdown… my first competition. Bri and I qualified for the 3rd round, which was incredible, and then double unders happened.
Overall 6 month goal:
 My overall 6-month CF goal was to get my first muscle up. I started CF in March 2013, which means I missed that goal THIS MONTH but I’m SO VERY close. So, it’s now my 9-month goal! I will have my first muscle up by December 6, 2013!!!! The other goals I set when I started CF that aren’t necessarily CF related are to run my first half marathon in November 2013 in under 2 hours and to run my first (and probably only) marathon in June 2014 in under 4 hours.

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