We’re rounding out our 6th year in the CrossFit Affiliate world, and as the years pass, we find ourselves wanting to better define who we are and what we represent as a box…

The reason we fell in love with CrossFit over 10 years ago, was its effective, challenging, supportive, bare-bones, never quit, garage style, counter culture vibe – and we pride ourselves on staying true to that philosophy.

We’re here to represent the #keepingcrossfitraw movement. That its OK to not have scented towels, million dollar facilities, celebrity yoga, or whatever the trend of the week happens to be. We all abandoned that commercial gimmicky gym approach for a reason. When you step into our box, we will welcome you with open arms and we will train you to be the best YOU, that you can be. Raw represents an unspoken emotion at our facilities, a fight in our members, a slight deviation from the main stream and our dedication to the ROOTs of CrossFit. We are a box. We are the mom & pop. We are CrossFit.

We are #keepingcrossfitraw


new gear, comin atchya.


Author Abby

Co-Owner of SCCF, RTCF, BCCF & SOF WODs Operations Director & Coach

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