Absolute Strength Block

By April 9, 2017May 7th, 2020No Comments

The Open is over and its time to build a solid foundation for health & performance.  Enter the Absolute Strength Block!  We will test some baselines for 2 weeks, then enter a 12 week program design focused on 3 major foundational necessities.

1) Absolute Strength, look forward to plenty of % based compound movements like Squat, Deadlift and Press.  As always we will compliment this development with plenty of accessory and unilateral work.

2) Strict gymnastics, think strict pull ups, dips, HSPU, push ups, L-sits, etc.

3) Aerobic Base,  all this strength isn’t valuable if we can’t breathe, so we can look forward to an increase in longer aerobic style metcons to build that motor base.

The basic schedule:
Monday: DL + upper body OH gymnastics
Tuesday: Snatch/OHS + Upper body pulling
Wednesday: Press + Dip/Push up
Thursday: Skill WOD
Friday: Back Squat +Midline
Saturday: C&J + Core
Sunday: Rest

Let the GAINZ begin!