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Athlete of the month-July 2016

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Hey team! Athlete of the month is BACK! This month, the AOTM award goes to…….


Makaria Stanley! You may also know her as “Mak”, especially if you’re an early riser and part of the morning crew at South Charlotte Crossfit. Mak is one of the most dedicated and committed Crossfit athletes I’ve had the pleasure of getting to coach at SCCF, and her work ethic speaks for itself. We’ve decided to dedicate this award to Makaria for this month because of her decision in June to do “Pedro 66” on her own, as prescribed, no matter the cost. It got challenging, she had to push herself, but she got it DONE! That’s what hero WOD’s are all about. Head down, eyes forward, NFQ. Next time you see Makaria doing work at the box, give her a high five and take notes, because this girl knows how to work! Keep it up, Mak. We’re stoked to have you as part of the squad at SCCF.

Favorite exercise:

Overhead Squat and Clean & Jerk


Snatch and back squat

Favorite food:

Chocolate and cheeseburgers!

6month goal:

Snatch 100# and 1 strict pull-up

My best custom workout:

 For time 50 DU 25 OHS 50 DU 20 OHS 50 DU 15 OHS

Proudest moment:

Finishing Pedro 66

Love most about SCCF:

The Coaches! I know my coach honestly cares and goes out of his way to help me with my weaknesses and pushes me when I want to quit!


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