Lift ALL the weights!

By August 21, 2016May 7th, 2020No Comments
New 12 week Oly block starts tomorrow for Level 2 peeps, volume will be high and the movements complex. This cycle will yield great improvement on the Olympic lifts, squatting and pulling from the ground, while maintaining our metabolic abilities. Please do your best to arrive early for movement prep (15 min b4 class) and limit talkie talkie time.  If you are still rocking Level 1 programming, this is a great opportunity to advance to L2 and learn the lifts.  Ask your coaches about our next advancement seminar. 
To help get your mind right, here is a very basic version of the skeleton for the next 12 weeks:
Monday: Snatch/BS, MAP 8
Tuesday: Jerk/PP, LE3
Wednesday: Clean/BS, MAP 4
Thursday: Midline/accessory, MAP 10
Friday: PC/PJ, LE2
Saturday: Snatch/C&J/FS
Get some!