New Strength Cycle

By October 5, 2017May 7th, 2020No Comments

Let the gainz rain! As many of you may have noticed we just launched into a new phase of our strength cycle.  This Mesocycle will be 13 weeks long, with integrated de-load and testing weeks.

We will be continuing to develop absolute strength (deadlift, squat, press) and body awareness with Level 1 Program Design. Expect a major focus on balance through single arm and single leg movements.  Place lots of attention on proper motor patterns to develop efficient and safe muscle memory.

Level 2 Program Design will continue to cultivate the Olympic Lifts with an increasingly metabolic demand via a largely EMOM (every minute on the minute) structure.  As always, we will fit in as much quality training as time allows, with plenty of squatting and pulling development.  Consistency with these dynamic movements under increased fatigue is the goal on these training days, so stick to the percentages and listen to your body.

We will all enjoy a planned variety of energy system training with each days conditioning portion of the workout.  Expect a focus on increased gymnastics strength and then volume…and a good sprinkling of dedicated core work.

Push hard on this next block of training and get a leg up on the upcoming holidays!