Our next training block!

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Foundations Block:
The Open is finally behind us and now we can shift focus towards improving our movement patterns, increasing absolute strength and of course some spring time beach body efforts!

Fitness and Performance strength work will be very similar throughout the next block.  Our primary training objective will pace a major emphasis on slow (tempo) and proper pattern development for the big compound lifts (back squat, front squat, press, deadlift).  This is your opportunity to dive further into the mechanics of these primary barbell movements, under the watchful eye of our top tier coaches, to ensure safe and efficient muscle memory is developed.  We will move the bar slowly, with intention and focus being much more important than the load moved.

Any good strength program requires appropriate accessory work and we will explore plenty of unilateral, midline and core work to further compliment the big lifts and the overall balance of our strength.  This accessory program will also see the regular arrival of  “bro lifts” or isometric holds, to aid in gymnastics strength and stabilization.

On the metabolic side of the house look forward to some aerobic base development, as this is the foundation for health and longevity.  Longer intervals, lower intensity, strict gymnastics and rigorous focus on mechanics will lay the base for the training blocks to come.  Don’t fret, the “Performance” training group will still see advanced gymnastics work and some barbell cycling, heavily sprinkled throughout this block.  Plenty of new Rogue Echo Bikes and Concept 2 Ski Ergs at ALL locations, will prove very useful during the coming weeks.

This is the perfect time for someone new to start their fitness journey, so please bring your friends and family in to the box to try out a free class, meet with our coaches and get signed up for our Fundamentals Program.

Here’s what to expect on a weekly basis:
Monday: Back Squat, single leg work,  long cyclical intervals
Tuesday: Upper Body Pressing and Pulling, core: dynamic, middle distance barbell
Wednesday: Deadlift, posterior chain development, gymnastics metcon
Thursday: Active recovery, “Bro Lifts”, booty work, core, mobility
Friday: Front Squat, core: isometrics, long cyclical intervals
Saturday: Barbell Club (snatch, C&J), mixed modal aerobic partner metcon
Sunday: Rest, mobility