Our next training block is here!

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Its nice to know what we’re doing and why, so here is an overview of our next training block, with all the page turning details!  Remember, consistency & intensity are king, if you want to see awesome results, get in the gym as often as possible and really bring the heat on those metcons. This is truly a training cycle where you will get out, what you put in.

We’re already knocking on the door of the CrossFit Open, so lets scramble to get ridiculously fit!  The next block of training we’re entering will be more metabolic as its primary focus. As far as energy system work is concerned, expect an increasingly intense block, with greater frequency of lactic endurance work (fast intense sets) and Open WOD repeats!

As a secondary focus, we will experience a lot of gymnastics strength work, progressing to gymnastics volume with high skill components under fatigue. Metcons will begin to mirror CrossFit Open-style programming and intensity, with our normal twist!

Our barbell strength component for this block will consist of Olympic Complexes and Touch-and-go/barbell cycling.  The goal will be to transform all those PRs we logged in the last Olympic Block, into some solid consistency with touch and go reps and good positional awareness. As always, we will incorporate a good amount of accessory work, to keep everyone strong, safe and progressing.

L2 Basic barbell movement schedule:

Monday= Snatching/Back Squat
Tuesday= Pressing/Overhead
Wednesday= Cleans/Deadlift
Thursday= Midline work
Friday= Power movements/Front Squat
Saturday= Oly/barbell club

Level 1’s metabolic work will look somewhat similar, with a primary focus on aerobic development and the barbell strength component will continue to focus on absolute strength development through the big lifts (squatting, pressing and deadlifting). As always, we incorporate a lot of single arm and single leg work for balance, symmetry and injury prevention purposes.  Now is a great time to progress to L2 programming, please ask a coach about upcoming dates.

L1 Basic barbell movement schedule:

Monday= Back Squat & Single leg work
Tuesday= Pressing & Single arm work
Wednesday= Deadlift & hip hinging accessory work
Thursday= Midline work
Friday= Front Squat
Saturday= Full body

There is some water cooler chatter of the return of our Comp Team programing, so keep an eye out for that.

Finally, for those of you who are looking to take your fitness to the super duper next level, I have decided to take on 10 additional Personal Program Design clients (remote or in person) leading into the Open. This would include baseline assessments, 3-4 custom designed workouts a week specifically for your needs, email consultation and video analysis for an additional $75/month.
Email me directly at sofwods@gmail if you’re interested.

<3 Jeremy