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November – Athlete of the Month

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November’s Athlete of the month goes to….

Brianne Riegel!

Bri has been with us Since January of this year, one of our longest standing members, a true “OG.” We have watched her transform in so many ways. When Bri first started with us, she wasn’t able to squat below parallel or do a pull up- now, she’s reached many of her goals & is all over the leader board!

No matter how heinous the WOD might be, you can always hear Bri bringing motivation to her fellow athletes with her token quotes “Get it girl!” & “C’mon y’all!!” She stays after to do additional skill work, constantly looking for ways to improve & responds well to coaching cues.

She loves sharing her positive experiences at SCCF with her friends, constantly bringing in new faces to try it out – she even won this last months Referral Contest and CrossFit SWAG Bag!

Congrats Bri!

Favorite exercise  I love a good Met Con! Rope climbs, Sandbags, slam balls…things like that
Exercise Nemesis: Any kind of Cleans ugh! Why can’t I get under the bar??!!
Favorite Cheat Foods: Hmmm french fries and chicken rolls from Sutton House!
Proudest CF accomplishment: I have so many! This is pretty close to the top, but probably the top is my first kipping pull up without the band because I wrote that as my goal when I first signed up. or climbing the rope on my first attempt. or being on the leader board more than once. or participating in my first throwdown. or…… haha
6 month goal: Getting better with my form on all the lifts, especially cleans and eating cleaner (limiting the french fries and Sutton House!)


Co-Owner of SCCF, RTCF, BCCF & SOF WODs Operations Director & Coach

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