Paleo Challenge Winners!

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And the winners are….

February turned out to be an extremely successful month for all of our members, ESPECIALLY those that participated in the 30 day PALEO challenge…

First off, we want to congratulate you all & let everyone know how PROUD we are to call you our athletes – you stuck it out, lost the fat and increased your performance… with 100% PR’s on “HELEN” we really couldn’t be happier coaches… All of you now have  the knowledge necessary to realize how much of an effect nutrition can have on your energy levels, performance & overall health. It’s hard to find food that isn’t preserved & full of fat & additives, isn’t it?! But now that you know, we really would like to encourage all of you to continue with the 80/20 method, cheating only when you designate a specific meal to so – one unplanned cheat can lead down a slippery slope – & the last thing we want is for any of you to become another ‘statistic’ of the ‘lose it & gain it’ diet fads.

THIS IS NOT A FAD. IT IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE & we congratulate you for choosing to follow it!


We know you’ve all been waiting to hear who the winners are and although there can only be ONE overall winner, we’d like to name off the top 3 men and top 3 women finishers, in order…


1. Steve Nystrom

2. Aaron Smith

3. Raj Lapiswala


1. Brittany Wilson

2. Laura Winn

3. Carly Lemmond

and the overall Winner is….



with 6% body fat & 16 pounds lost, it’s hard to argue – you fuc***ing KILLED IT! Shaving :41 off your Helen was just a plus. We are so Happy for you Steve – what an awesome way to kick off your CrossFit experience with us!! Enjoy next month ON US.

Again, Great job to all of you – KEEP IT UP!



Co-Owner of SCCF, RTCF, BCCF & SOF WODs Operations Director & Coach

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