Personal Training – it works!

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Personal Training Client – Brent came to @southcltcrossfit in late April and went through this intro workout, He was unable to make it past the push ups, he had to stop at 13 reps with around 8:50 on the clock.
He committed to 10 personal training sessions with coach Vann – today, his hard work paid off!
Not only did he finish the push ups he finished the entire workout in 7:03 and on top of that he lost 10lbs! Great job Brent and Vann!

If you or a friend are looking to get your beach body in check for the summer, or want a way to segway into CrossFit with a more personal touch, conact us!!

You can also purchase your Personal Training sessions here:…/
and we will get you on your way to the best version of YOU!



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