The new training cycle, unveiled!

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Performance: Olympic Lifting

Fitness: Absolute Strength

With our hypertrophy block behind us, we’ll be using our newly built muscle mass to help lead into our next cycle!

Without getting too far into the weeds, here’s an overview of what to expect:

◦ We’re Testing our☝️ rep Max’s this week, for best results, make up a lift, if you miss a day! (These numbers will be the basis of your percentages, not lifetime bests)

◦ Cycle will be 12 weeks long and take us through the summer!

◦ Lots of Moderate percentage reps to re-familiarize yourself with the movements and fine tune technique

◦ Weightlifting class will be a perfect way to get added time with the barbell and hone technique

◦ MetCons will be characterized by interval work that starts with longer aerobic intervals and progresses to shorter high intensity intervals by the end of the cycle

◦ Expect a lot of upper body pushing and pulling development – a great opportunity to improve your pull ups, rope climbs, ring dips etc.

◦ If you’ve been thinking about investing in some lifting gear, now is the time! It doesn’t have to be expensive, Poshmark has some great deals on used stuff, but here are a few things we recommend having of your own, because sharing them is kind of like sharing a jockstrap… 🤷🏻‍♀️

◦ harbinger lifting belt: $20 (Amazon!)

◦ rehband knee sleeves: $40/ea (us!)

◦ – we can size and order for you!

◦ any lifting shoe with an elevated heel mid foot & ankle strap/ support (Poshmark?!)



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