Whats in YOUR Gym Bag…?

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Alright guys, we’ve been promising ourselves for ages that we would start ‘blogging’ a bit more, to help open a line of communication on those daily topics that are chatted about in the gym, so, here goes nothing

Ep. 1: Whats in YOUR gym bag?

Ok, so if you’re anything like me, your truck/backseat of your car is technically your ‘gym bag’ that counts, right? As far as its contents… stinky socks that haven’t been washed in a week (which have been overstretched due to usage by my stinky big-foot husband), extra pair of work out clothes, someone else’s sports bra (probably Bri’s or Jill’s), deodorant etc… all of that is nice, and will get you to through the warm-up, but what about the WOD?

I know that on a Front Squat day, most of you come in – tell me your wrists hurt, and I send you to the upside down irrigation box from hell, full of 2 year old wrist wraps that have now officially been washed by us, once (you’re welcome). Then we move onto the metcon:

20 Min. AMRAP – 5 Deadlift 185/125, 10 Pull ups, 20 double unders.

You head to the heater tube on the back wall to snag a just-as-old-and-BO-infested lifting belt. If you’re lucky, you get the one Harbinger belt that fits the majority of the crowd, if not – you’re stuck with one of the the M/L blue or orange belts that most likely need to be squeezed down to the last cm. of velcro to get it to fit your lumbar semi-correctly. You then grab a roll of tape and wrap up like your prepping to fight Mike Tyson in the ring – heaven forbid you rip! Once you’ve settled in on a sub-par belt situation, you head over to the wall of speed ropes- which by the way were perfectly organized at the 6AM class… If only those who signed up for our 20 cap class through WODIFY show, you’re guaranteed a rope – it may be an ‘ogre’ size that needs to be wrapped around your wrists once in order to not smack the ground 4 inches ahead of where it should on your jumps, but you’ll at least get one in your hands – odds are, a few people forgot to sign-up, we’re over capacity and out of ropes – UH OH! what now?! “Coach, I don’t have a rope, theres none left, what do i do?!” Its now 23 minutes until the next class starts, and the coach on the floor is forced into lining you all up into a single file and counting off in 2’s to break the group up into heats….


Lesson 2: you need your own (limited) gear…

You wouldn’t go to a marathon and expect them to provide the perfect fitting, perfect cm heel dropped running shoe, so you shouldn’t expect to find perfect fitting gear at the box… here is a list of 4 items which you can purchase for under $65 and tremendously improve your overall crossfit experience.

Specifically, each CrossFitter should have :

  1. A weight belt. EveryBODY is different, you may have high hips with a tiny waist or you might be straight and narrow from top to bottom, the belts we provide at the box are general sizing, and have been used over, and over, and over, and over again. I don’t particularly enjoy leaving the gym to find that i smell like a mix of Chris, Brian & Jordan’s BO, when I barely broke a sweat doing those 3 sets of 3. Aside from the ‘gross’ factor, there’s the most important reason to get your own belt: safety. Wearing a belt incorrectly – too high, too low, too lose, too tight, too big, too small – can lead to injury. Say your going for a 1RM BS with a too-small for you belt…. the wrap around is at the last few cm’s of velcro, you have a spotter, you take a deep breath, get just below parallel and… BAM, the belt pops off of your waist, you freak, your tight torso gives, and you’ve now put yourself and your spotter in a compromising situation. Belts can be purchased fairly inexpensively, heres my recommendation:

2. Wrist wraps. Same gross factor. Plus, overused wraps get stretched out, leading to a lack of stability that you may require during snatch or Front Squat. My recommendation:

    • Rogue Wrist Wraps – get the white series, so you can mark your name or a few of the letters in a bright color to know which ones are yours

3. Jump Rope. In order to ‘get’ double-unders, you need to have a rope that fits YOUR body type. Too small and it’ll lead to lack of full body extension in your jumps… or snagging your ponytail… or catching a toe… too big, and it hits the ground early, making it nearly impossible to have proper arm posture, tendency will be to bring your arms up in order to prevent the early-ground-hits.There a multitude of options here…

    • Again Faster ultra speed ropes – super dirt cheap, if you’re on a budget, this will work – not my first choice, they dont last as long but get the job done.
    • SR-1 Rogue Bearing Rope – Cheap but super effective. Bearings allow for faster turnover while still maintaining the light speed wire rope.
    • Sr-2 Rogue Ballistic Speed jump rope – Not cheap, much higher quality, and much faster turn over, which isn’t necessarily always best. I prefer the SR-1, the faster the rope, the faster you need to jump – which is an acquired skill, really, its all personal preferene.
    • Once you’ve picked a rope, check out the video and make sure you adjust the wiring to fit YOUR body – you’ll be shocked at how much of a difference the right size will have on your DU performance[youtube][/youtube]

4. Tape. SCCF Crushes tape! SO, were limiting our supply. When each of you are wrapping around each filangie, then wrapping 3 times around your callouses, then wrapping your wrists – lets just say, it gets expensive. Purchasing your own tape allows for reliability in inventory, just do it so we dont have to raise your monthly dues.

Once you’ve decided to take it to the next level, check out: Rehband Knee wraps to aid in strength movements – these are sold in singles!!! you’ve been warned… OLY Shoes – Luckily we are a REEBOK wholesaler so ask for our inventory of discounted shoes before you spend an arm and a leg online, multi-functional CrossFit Shoes – Nano’s, REEBOK Hand gloves

LOVE. -Abby



Co-Owner of SCCF, RTCF, BCCF & SOF WODs Operations Director & Coach